TMI Simplified List of Capabilities

Below is a short, simplified list of our capabilites. You may also download this information in a printer-friendly PDF document.

CategoryMeasurementEquipmentRangeOnsiteIn Lab
DimensionalLengthCalipers, Micrometers, Dial Indicators, Bench Micrometers, Length Rods, Tapes, Height Gages, Height Masters, Step Gages, Pin Gages, Thread Wires, etc…AllXX
DimensionalHigh Precision LengthGage Blocks, Plain Ring Gages, Spheres, Deltronic Pin Gages, etc…Up to 40 inchesX
DimensionalThread MeasurementThread Rings, Thread PlugsAllXX
DimensionalAngleAngle Blocks, Inclinometers, Levels, Sine BarsAllXX
DimensionalSurface RoughnessProfilometersAllXX
Electro-MechanicalVibrationAccelerometersSensitivity 10Hz - 10KHzX
Electro-MechanicalPressureManometers, Gages, Transducers, Dead Weight testers, Airdata Test sets, etc…30inHg Vacuum to 40K PSIXX
Electro-MechanicalOptical ReferenceOptical Comparators, Vision Systems, etc…AllXX
Electro-MechanicalTemperatureInfrared Thermometers, Glass Thermometers, RTD, PRT, Thermocouples, Surface Thermometers, etc…-70° C thru 500° CXX
Electro-MechanicalLightWhite Light Meters, UV Meters, Color Light Meters, LUX Meters, etc…AllX
Electro-MechanicalAirspeedHot Wire Anemometers, Small Vain AnemometersUp to 3000 FPMX
ElectronicDC ResistanceStandard Resistors, Decade Boxes, Shunts, etc…Up to 1 GohmXX
ElectronicHigh VoltageHipot, Ground Bond Testers, High Voltage Probes, etc…Up to 120 KVDC Up to 85 KVACXX
ElectronicResistance Inductance CapacitanceResistors, Standard Inductors, Standard Capacitors, LCR Meters, Capacitance Meters, Decade Boxes, etc... AllXX
ElectronicDC-AC > 1 GhzCalibrators, Temperature Controllers, Temperature Meters, Hand Held Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Power Supplies, 8.5 Digit Multimeters, Scopemeters, Oscilloscopes, Electronic Loads, Pulse Generators, Waveform Generators, Distortion Analyzers, Modulation Analyzers, Audio Analyzers, Function Generators, Curve Tracers, Phase meters, LISN, etc...AllXX
ElectronicMicrowave/RFSignal Generators, RF Power Meters, Attenuators, Pulse Generators, Waveform Generators, Distortion Analyzers, Modulation Analyzers, Audio Analyzers, Function Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Vector Network Analyzers, Scalar Network Analyzers, Waveguide Devices, Oscilloscopes, Measuring Receivers, Directional Couplers, Bridges, Power Sensors, etc...Up tp 50 GhzXX
ElectronicsFiber OpticsOptical Power Meters, Optical Power Sensors, Optical Multimeters, Optical Spectrum Analyzers, OTDR, Wave length Meters, etc…660nm to 1660nmXX
ElectronicsMeasurement CardsPXI, PXIe, VXI. PCI, etc…AllXX
ElectronicsTemp/ HumidityDataloggers, Chart Recorders, Hygrometers, etc…10% RH thru 90% RH 0° C Thru 100°CXX
PhysicalForceDynomometers, force gages, Aircraft Scales, Load Cells, etc…Up to 50,000 LbsX
PhysicalForceForce Gages, Scales, Balances, etc…Up to 5,000 LbsXX
PhysicalMassWeights ( Class 4, 6 & F )Up to 50 LbsX
PhysicalViscosityViscosity Cups, Viscosity Meters, etc…AllXX
PhysicalTorqueDrivers, Wrenches, Testers, Watches, etc…Up to 1000 LbsXX
PhysicalAir FlowFlow Meters, Mass Flow Controllers, Rotometers, etc…Up to 100 SLPMX
PhysicalChemicalPH Meters, Conductivity Meters, Resistivity Meters, Hydrometers, Refractometers, etc…AllXX

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